NJCAA strikes partnership with Phoenix Design Works

Colorado Springs, CO – The NJCAA is pleased to announce its newest partnership with Phoenix Design Works- the preferred logo design and branding partner of the association. A staple in the industry, Phoenix Design has the ability to provide membership with a vast array of services.

NJCAA CEO Dr. Christopher J. Parker expressed his enthusiasm regarding the partnership. "The NJCAA is excited to partner with Phoenix Design Works to utilize their latest and greatest resources with excellent brand management." 

Phoenix Design Works is a leader in the world of collegiate branding, and has created brand strategy, logo branding programs, promotional advertising campaigns, and facility branding for every area of collegiate athletics ranging from junior colleges to NCAA programs along with conferences and major bowl games.

"Phoenix Design Works is both proud and excited to enter into our groundbreaking and historic agreement with the NJCAA," stated James Skiles, President, Creative Director, Phoenix Design Works. "Phoenix Design Works enthusiastically supports the mission of the NJCAA and believes strongly in the value and importance of the NJCAA's two-year college athletics constituent membership. In our relationship with the NJCAA, Phoenix Design Works will strive to excel in every area to support the initiatives of the NJCAA and its membership."

Based out of Maplewood, NJ, Phoenix Design Works currently has a strong portfolio of individual NJCAA members, including Nassau (NY), Onondaga (NY), and Rowan-Gloucester (NJ), among others. Phoenix Design has provided services for the likes of the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl, The Ohio Valley Conference, and the West Coast Conference with a solid presence throughout NCAA Division I programs.

"Phoenix is committed to providing branding services to the NJCAA and all member schools," Skiles added. "We believe that by working together, we can achieve a higher level of excellence for everyone. We have created successful programs for numerous two-year institutions, and we are proud to share their stories, their brands, and their testimonials, and discuss a strategy to build a successful brand for every NJCAA member.

"We look forward to meeting with everyone in the NJCAA family and the opportunity to serve and contribute as a member of the NJCAA team."

For more information on how Phoenix Design Works can help your program, visit: PHOENIX DESIGN WORKS or contact Amy Skiles, SVP Business Development/Client Service: amy@phoenixdesignworks.com | 973-763-8200.

About Phoenix Design Works: Phoenix Design Works is a leader in providing branding, marketing and advertising services for the Collegiate, Sports, and Consumer marketplaces. Phoenix Design Works has created the branding and/or advertising for over 250 collegiate institutions across America. Phoenix has also created the branding and/or advertising for 50 of the Fortune 500 consumer brands, and team, event and/or league branding for every major league sport. Phoenix is a 20 year exhibitor with NACDA, a member of ICLA, has created organizational branding for NACMA, event branding for ICLA, and numerous Phoenix Design Works clients have been awarded NACDA/NACMA marketing awards.

About NJCAA:  The National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) is the governing body of intercollegiate athletics for two-year colleges. As such, its programs are designed to meet the unique needs of a diverse group of student-athletes who come from both traditional and non-traditional backgrounds and whose purpose in selecting a two-year college may be as varied as their experiences before attending college.  

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