George E. Killian Award of Excellence

The George E. Killian Award of Excellence has been awarded annually since 2006 to individuals that have demonstrated the ideals of voluntarism, achievement, service, leadership and excellence as exemplified by its namesake. Only active Region Directors, Assistant Region Directors, Coaches Association Presidents, Presidential Representatives and Officers are eligible for consideration with a minimum of two years of national service to the NJCAA. George E. Killian was one of the most influential leaders in the history of the Association. He served as the ninth NJCAA President from 1967-69 and was then hired by its board of directors as the first NJCAA Executive Director in 1969. Killian led the organization to many triumphs, including the establishment of the Association's women's division - which was revolutionary when it was enacted in 1975. During his tenure the NJCAA flourished from a basketball-centered organization to the second-largest intercollegiate athletic association in the country. After 35 years of leadership and service, Killian retired from the NJCAA in 2004.


George E. Killian Award of Excellence Recipients 

   Year Name Position College/Affiliation
2018-19 Lind Hartsell Region 10 Men's Director NJCAA Region 10
  Dr. Margaret McMenamin Presidential Advisory Council Union County College (N.J.)
2017-18 Mick McDaniel NJCAA President Tompkins Cortland (N.Y.)
  Michelle Ivey Region 22 Women's Director Marion Military (Ala.)
2016-17 Art Becker Region 1 Men's Director Scottsdale (Ariz.)
  Darren Pannier Region 16 Women's Director State Fair (Mo.)
2015-16 Marci Henry 1st Vice President Northeastern (Colo.)
  Kerri-Ann McTiernan Region 15 Women's Director Nassau (N.Y.)
2014-15 Thom McDonald Region 11 Men's Director Iowa Community College Athletic Conference
  Scott Barlow Region 12 Women's Director Lakeland (Ohio)
2013-14 Rod Lovett Region 24 Men's Director Parkland (Ill.)
  Norma Carr Region 18 Women's Director Salt Lake (Utah)
2012-13 Norma Dycus 1st Vice President Sinclair (Ohio)
  John Erwin Presidential Representative Illinois Central
2011-12 Dean Myrick Region 22 Men's Director Alabama Community College Athletic Conference
  Donna Genova Region 15 Women's Director Bronx (N.Y.)
2010-11 David Elder Region 17 Men's Director Georgia College Athletic Association
  Carl Heinrich Region 6 Women's Director Johnson County (Kan.)
2009-10 Greg Silcox Region 1 Men's Director Paradise Valley (Ariz.)
  Tim Drain Region 14 Women's Director Tyler (Texas)
2008-09 Gary Huber Region 4 Men's Director Black Hawk - East (Ill.)
  Susan Sinclair Region 24 Women's Director Illinois Central
2007-08 Brian Farrell Region 20 Men's Director CCBC Catonsville (Md.)
  Kathy Feldman Region 3 Women's Director Alfred State (N.Y.)
2006-07 John Kuntz Region 19 Men's Director Sussex County (N.J.)
  Bryce Roderick Region 6 Women's Director Kansas Jayhawk Community College Conference
2005-06  Bob Zelinski Region 8 Men's Director Central Florida
  Berdy Kuiken Region 4 Women's Director South Suburban (Ill.) 

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