NJCAA introduces Future Leaders Internship Program

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The NJCAA has announced its newest endeavor to help expand the association's brand, introducing the Future Leaders Internship Program on Monday afternoon. The program, which will feature 20-30 prominent interns per year, is set to open in the summer of 2018.

"This program is designed to create awareness, knowledge, and excitement around a potential future career in the NJCAA while focusing on four main areas: marketing and communications, compliance, event management and championships, and general administration," said Dr. Christopher J. Parker, NJCAA CEO.

The program will aid in creating future NJCAA leaders throughout the country by providing prospective interns with opportunities from the beginning, or even before their profressional career begins. 

"It is our goal to have upper class undergraduate students and graduate students to pursue jobs in NJCAA athletics nationwide," Parker added. "We are going to provide those interested with the best possible opportunities to gain the experience necessary to be successful future NJCAA leaders."

The NJCAA also announced the opening of an office in Charlotte, NC on Monday afternoon. To read more about the NJCAA opening an office in Charlotte: NJCAA Announces opening of office in Charlotte, NC

To learn more about the internship, including the online application, positions available, and timeframes, visit: NJCAA Future Leaders Internship Program Homepage

For more information, contact Bryson Collins: bcollins@njcaa.org

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