Date Event Notes Status Result Links
Sat. 3 at Cowboy Open 10:00 AM EDT  
Fri. 9 at vs. Otero Colllege 8:00 PM EST  
Sat. 10 at NWC Open 11:00 AM EST  
Fri. 30 at Battle of The Rockies Duals 10:00 AM EST  
Sat. 1 at Battle of the Rockies Open 10:00 AM EST  
Fri. 11 at NJCAA Duals at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M 10:00 AM EST  
Sat. 19 vs. Utah Valley Tournament @ Utah Valley 8:00 PM EST  
Thu. 24 at Montana State Northern Duals 8:00 PM EST  
Fri. 1 at Apodaca Duels 8:00 PM EST  
Sat. 2 at Apodaca Duels 10:00 AM EST  
Thu. 7 at Western Wyoming 8:00 PM EST  
Sat. 16 at NJCAA Rocky Mountain District 10:00 AM EST  
Fri. 1 at NJCAA National Tournament 10:00 AM EST  

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