The heartbeat of Elgin- a family legacy

Cousins Rachel Dumoulin (L) and Maggie Goad carried on a family tradition at Elgin that has lasted nearly a decade

Navigating the Dumoulin family lineage may seem like a daunting task. A quick glance through the annals of NJCAA and Elgin Community College record books, however, may help expedite that process.

After collecting her second consecutive NJCAA All-America honor following the 2018-19 season for the Spartans, Rachel Dumoulin cemented her name in the NJCAA archives, a glossary dotted with a similar surname at Elgin over the last 10 seasons.

There's Alex Dumoulin, a 2013 first team All-American. There's Michelle Dumoulin, who led Elgin to the national tournament. Then There's Cassie Dumoulin, the 2012 NJCAA Lea Plarski Award winner and two-time All-American. There's even grandmom Pat Dumoulin, who taught economics, statistics, and business math at Elgin for 30 years.

And then there's Jerry McLaughlin, the man who has guided 10 family members through successful two-year tenures as student-athletes at Elgin. "It has been an honor and privilege to coach all 10 of the girls in these three families," McLaughlin exclaimed. "Every family member that I have coached has been an outstanding student-athlete both in the classroom and on the basketball floor here at Elgin."

McLaughlin has graced the Elgin sidelines for 18 years as the women's head basketball coach. Since 2010, nine members of the Dumoulin family have suited up for McLaughlin while cousin Maggie Goad joined the tradition the past two seasons for an even 10 kin.

They've competed. They've set records. They've graduated. They've moved on to four-year schools.

Rachel recently broke Cassie's career scoring record at Elgin this season after finishing her two-year campaign with 1,487 career points. In each of her two seasons, including the 2018-19 season as co-captain, Rachel led the nation in minutes played and has finished first and third in points per game, respectively. A career 87.1 free throw shooter, Rachel led the nation with a 91.0 clip from the charity stripe as a sophomore, the best NJCAA Division III mark in over a decade - before a Dumoulin ever laced 'em up for McLaughlin.

"I was exposed to basketball at such a young age," Rachel stated. "Seeing all the records my cousins set made me want to compete even harder. I knew all the hard work they put into school and sports, and that really motivated me to do the same."

"I have really enjoyed playing at Elgin Community college," Rachel added. "I have met some of my best friends here on the team and I had amazing coaches who made me become the athlete I am today. As an NJCAA student-athlete, there have been several opportunities that have opened up for me. By participating in college sports, it has provided me opportunities to learn, compete, and also succeed."  

Every step of the way through her collegiate career, Maggie has been alongside Rachel. Playing over 33 minutes per game together on the same court the last two seasons, Maggie and Rachel's relentless work ethic on the hardwood has translated from the farming family's sedulous upbringing. Third-generation farmers, Maggie and Rachel brandish the family heritage on a daily basis. From chores on the farm before the sun rises to constant community service projects off the court, the two have produced like-minded work ethics that McLaughlin has become accustomed to over the years.

It's often difficult to replicate characteristics, but McLaughlin has seen a sense of consistency unmatched throughout his tutelage of the family. "No matter how good or great they all are as basketball players, they are all better human beings and we have developed a great family tradition that will endure for a lifetime."

A liftetime may be unquantifiable, but it could be some time until McLaughlin sees the end of the Dumoulin/Goad ensemble. With a pair of Goad's and two more Dumoulin's coming up through the Hampshire High School ranks, the family trophy room may need a few extra reservations.   


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