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Record 175 NJCAA Baseball Players Selected in 2010 MLB Draft
 June 10, 2010

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Big league talent was readily available in NJCAA baseball this season and many Major League Baseball teams were paying attention. MLB teams again looked to the ranks of the NJCAA to fill the needs of their clubs as a record 175 NJCAA baseball players were selected in the 2010 MLB First-Year Player draft, which was held over the past three days (June 7-9). The 175 players selected from the organization breaks the previous record of 161 NJCAA players that were taken in the 2007 draft. Last year 155 NJCAA players were selected.

Of the 175 NJCAA players selected 22 were Division I All-Americans, four were Division II All-Americans and two received Division III All-American honors. Also two 2010 NJCAA Rawlings Gold Glove winners were selected.

The 2010 MLB First-Year Player Draft was highlighted by the selection of College of Southern Nevada's Bryce Harper with the No. 1 overall pick by the Washington Nationals. Harper is the first player from a two-year college to be selected with the No. 1 overall pick.

More info on some of the players drafted is available below the following draft list .

*2010 NJCAA Division I All-American
#2010 NJCAA Division II All-American
^2010 NJCAA Division II All-American
GG - 2010 NJCAA Rawlings Gold Gove Award Winner
& - 2010 ABCA NJCAA Division I Player of the Year

NJCAA Baseball Players Selected in 2010 MLB First-Year Player Draft

Pick MLB Team Player School Pos B/T Ht Wt
1 Washington Nationals Harper, Bryce*& College of Southern Nevada OF L/R 6'03" 205
55 Cleveland Indians Washington, LeVon Chipola Junior College CF L/R 5'11" 170
70 Atlanta Braves Simmons, Andrelton Western Oklahoma State College SS R/R 6'02" 170
84 Pittsburgh Pirates Rojas Jr., Mel Wabash Valley College CF S/R 6'03" 200
113 Toronto Blue Jays Knecht, Marcus Connors State College LF R/R 6'01" 200
115 Los Angeles Angels Roach, Donn* College of Southern Nevada RHP R/R 6'00" 195
130 Chicago Cubs Ackerman, Hunter* Louisburg College LHP L/L 6'01"  
131 Tampa Rays Wood, Austin St. Petersburg College RHP R/R 6'04" 220
163 Detroit Tigers Burgos, Alexander* State College of Florida Manatee-Sarasota LHP L/L 5'11"  
186 Toronto Blue Jays Nolin, Sean* San Jacinto College North LHP L/L 6'04" 250
211 Arizona Diamondbacks Shields, Jeffrey Chattahoochee Valley Community College RHP R/R 6'03" 205
232 Los Angeles Dodgers Christenson, Ryan South Mountain Community College LHP L/L 6'02" 190
242 New York Mets McDowall, Kenneth College of Southern Nevada RHP R/R 6'03" 185
247 Cincinnati Reds Vidal, David Miami Dade College 3B R/R 5'11" 185
250 Chicago Cubs Greathouse, Cameron Gulf Coast Community College LHP L/L 6'02" 205
252 Seattle Mariners Blash, Jabari Miami Dade College RF R/R 6'05" 218
260 Colorado Rockies Dickerson, McKenzie Meridian Community College CF L/R 6'01" 205
288 San Francisco Giants Lofton, Christopher Jones County Junior College CF L/R 6'01" 175
298 Baltimore Orioles Schrader, Clayton San Jacinto College North RHP L/R 6'00" 200
304 San Diego Padres Slemp, Houston* Eastern Oklahoma State College LF L/R 6'01" 200
310 Chicago Cubs Kurcz, Aaron College of Southern Nevada RHP R/R 6'00" 175
319 St. Louis Cardinals Williams, Reginald Middle Georgia College CF S/R 6'04" 190
344 Atlanta Braves Shreve, Chasen College of Southern Nevada LHP L/L 6'03" 180
353 Boston Red Sox LeBlanc, Lucas* Delgado Community College OF R/R 6'03" 200
358 Baltimore Orioles Hornback, Riley (GG) San Jacinto College North C R/R 6'00" 180
359 Kansas City Royals Hernandez, Daniel Miami Dade College RHP R/R 6'01" 180
377 Florida Marlins Wooster, James* Alvin Community College RF L/L 6'01" 200
386 Washington Nationals McKenzie, Christopher San Jacinto College North RHP R/R 6'03" 190
394 San Diego Padres Pena, Miguel* San Jacinto College North LHP L/L 6'02" 170
398 Chicago White Sox Icard, Ethan Wilkes Community College RHP R/R 6'02" 180
399 Milwaukee Brewers White, Michael Walters State Community College RHP R/R 6'06"  
407 Florida Marlins Dewitt, Kentrell Southeastern Community College CF L/R 5'11" 180
408 San Francisco Giants Christman, Mark University of South Carolina - Sumter RHP R/R 6'02" 180
417 Pittsburgh Pirates Weidman, Bryce Southwestern Oregon Community College RHP R/R 6'04" 230
418 Baltimore Orioles Mosby, Michael Wabash Valley College 3B R/R 6'00" 195
425 Oakland Athletics Menna, JC^ Brookdale Community College RHP R/R 6'03" 205
453 Houston Astros Cotton, Jamaine Western Oklahoma State RHP R/R 6'01" 180
472 Los Angeles Dodgers Eliopoulos, Jake Chipola Junior College LHP L/L 6'03" 185
476 Washington Nationals Herrera, Mark San Jacinto College North RHP R/R 6'03" 230
480 Cleveland Indians Allen, Cody St. Petersburg College RHP R/R 6'01" 200
489 Milwaukee Brewers Morris, Andrew* Gulf Coast Community College RHP R/R 6'03" 190
494 Atlanta Braves Winnie, Dan Lackawanna College RHP R/R 6'04" 225
506 New York Yankees Hanks, Tyler College of Southern Nevada RHP R/R 6'02" 205
508 Baltimore Orioles Richardson, David Hillsborough Community College LF R/R 5'11" 170
526 Texas Rangers Haase, Anthony* (GG) Cochise College RHP L/R 6'04" 205
530 Colorado Rockies Casteel, Ryan Cleveland State Community College C R/R 6'01" 205
544 San Diego Padres Meeley, Daniel* Connors St College LF L/L 6'00" 190
548 Chicago White Sox Thorpe, Randall San Jacinto College North LF R/R 6'01" 185
557 Florida Marlins Goudeau, Corey Frank Phillips College RHP L/R 6'02" 195
564 Los Angeles Angels Broussard, Ryan Louisiana St U at Eunice SS R/R 5'11" 181
568 Baltimore Orioles Wise, Kenneth Santa Fe Community College RHP R/R 6'06" 225
574 San Diego Padres Norwood, Tyler Southern Union State Junior College RHP R/R 6'03" 215
580 Chicago Cubs Fitzgerald, Dustin Hill College RHP R/R 6'04" 210
592 Los Angeles Dodgers Carhart, Benjamin* Palm Beach Community College 3B R/R 5'10" 190
600 Cleveland Indians Smith, Burch* Howard College RHP R/R 6'04" 195
608 Chicago White Sox Ramos, Jose Western Oklahoma St College C R/R 5'11" 190
611 Tampa Rays Riefenhauser, Charles Chipola Junior College LHP L/L 6'00" 180
614 Atlanta Braves Mowry, Jason St Petersburg College CF L/R 5'11" 180
636 Toronto Blue Jays Marlowe, Christopher Navarro College RHP R/R 6'00" 175
638 Chicago White Sox Jones, Tyler# Madison College RHP R/R 6'03" 190
644 Atlanta Braves Beckwith, William Wallace State Community College 1B L/L 6'01" 235
645 Minnesota Twins Fawbush, Nathan Georgia Perimeter College RHP R/R 6'07" 193
649 St. Louis Cardinals Lucas, Joshua State College of Florida Manatee-Sarasota RHP R/R 6'06" 185
655 New York Yankees Hobbs, Dustin Yavapai College RHP R/R 6'02" 200
674 Atlanta Braves Buckley, Jordan New Mexico Junior College OF R/R 6'01" 160
690 Cleveland Indians Dischler, Anthony Louisiana State - Eunice RHP R/R 6'03" 190
709 St. Louis Cardinals Nuernberg, Dyllon Western Nevada College RHP R/R 6'01" 220
713 Boston Red Sox Wright, Austin Chipola Junior College LHP L/L 6'03" 220
726 Toronto Blue Jays Melendez, Ronald Cowley County Community College CF R/R 5'10" 170
728 Chicago White Sox Keegan, Jordan College of Southern Nevada OF L/L 6'00" 180
747 Pittsburgh Pirates Sadler, Casey# Western Oklahoma St College RHP R/R 6'04" 200
748 Baltimore Orioles Zazueta, Vincent Arizona Western College SS R/R 6'00" 150
753 Houston Astros Quintero, Rodney Chipola Junior College RHP R/R 6'02" 215
760 Chicago Cubs Rice, Eric Palm Beach Community College RHP R/R 5'11" 180
774 Los Angeles Angels Schugel, AJ Central Arizona College RHP R/R 6'00" 180
793 Detroit Tigers Ferrell, Jeff Pitt Community College RHP R/R 6'03" 185
802 Los Angeles Dodgers Schebler, Scott# Des Moines Area Community College LF L/R 6'01" 208
809 Kansas City Royals Rodriguez, Jose Miami Dade College CF S/R 5'08" 165
820 Chicago Cubs Harper, Bryan College of Southern Nevada LHP L/L 6'05" 195
821 Tampa Rays Winder, Chris Odessa College CF R/R 5'11" 170
823 Detroit Tigers Smith, Leslie St. Louis Community College Meramec RF L/R 6'01" 190
836 Washington Nationals Rapp, Joseph Chipola Junior College RF R/R 6'02" 225
840 Cleveland Indians Tidwell, Demarcus* Yavapai College OF L/L 6'02" 180
847 Cincinnati Reds Rogers, Chad Galveston College RHP R/R 6'00"  
849 Milwaukee Brewers Amedee, Dane Louisiana St U at Eunice LHP L/L 6'01" 190
858 San Francisco Giants Santiago, Gaspar Ranger College LHP L/L 6'00" 200
883 Detroit Tigers Joyce, Christopher Central Arizona College LHP L/L 6'00" 195
887 Florida Marlins Rosa, Viosergy Odessa College 1B L/L 6'03" 185
891 Philadelphia Phillies Lala, Patrick Kirkwood Community College RHP R/R 6'02" 195
893 Boston Red Sox Davis, Paul Pensacola Junior College RHP R/R 6'02" 215
910 Chicago Cubs Strieby, Karsten Arizona Western College 1B R/R 6'06" 225
914 Atlanta Braves Fleming, Kenny Shelton State Community College OF L/L 6'01" 185
925 New York Yankees Nuding, Zachary Weatherford College RHP R/R 6'04" 250
940 Chicago Cubs Santiago, Benito Lon Morris College 1B L/R 6'05" 186
941 Tampa Rays Kiermaier, Kevin# Parkland College RF L/R 6'01" 200
948 San Francisco Giants Hardy, Kyle Crowder College 1B R/R 6'03" 220
952 Los Angeles Dodgers Cone, Derek Mesa Community College RHP R/R 6'05" 210
956 Washington Nationals Oduber, Randolph Western Oklahoma State College LF R/L 6'03" 210
958 Baltimore Orioles Robinson, Joe College of Southern Nevada RHP R/R 6'02" 190
964 San Diego Padres Scott, William Walters State Community College RHP R/R 6'02" 191
966 Toronto Blue Jays Fermin, Andy Chipola Junior College 2B L/R 6'00" 180
982 Los Angeles Dodgers Ethier, Devon Gateway Community College LF R/R 6'00" 165
990 Cleveland Indians Thompson, Logan Palm Beach Community College 2B R/R 5'11" 165
1000 Chicago Cubs Stites, Mathews* Jefferson College RHP R/R 5'11" 170
1006 Minnesota Twins Hill, Matthew Georgia Perimeter College LHP R/L 6'01" 180
1012 Los Angeles Dodgers Lee, Brett Bishop State Community College LHP L/L 6'04" 185
1046 Washington Nationals Oliver, Robert (Tyler)* Wabash Valley College 1B R/R 6'00" 230
1052 New York Mets Easley, Joshua Weatherford College RHP R/R 6'03" 170
1065 Oakland Athletics Alloway, Nicholas^ Gloucester County College RHP R/R 6'04" 225
1076 Washington Nationals Nunez, Wander Western Oklahoma State College RF R/R 5'11" 174
1077 Pittsburgh Pirates Archibald, James McLennan Community College RHP L/R 6'01" 190
1087 Cincinnati Reds Ghysels, Chuck* Lincoln Trail Community College RHP R/R 5'11" 205
1090 Chicago Cubs Bremer, Tyler Yavapai College RHP R/R 6'02" 210
1108 Baltimore Orioles Knight, Austin Palm Beach Community College 2B S/R 5'11" 195
1109 Kansas City Royals Penny, Robert Pitt Community College RHP L/R 6'03"  
1114 San Diego Padres Marona, Allen Northwest Shoals Community College RHP R/R 6'01" 205
1130 Colorado Rockies Kickham, Daniel Crowder College RHP R/R 6'04" 205
1136 Washington Nationals Lee, Nick Weatherford College LHP L/L 6'00" 180
1150 Chicago Cubs Fitzgerald, Jeremy Patrick Henry Community College RHP R/R 6'00" 175
1153 Detroit Tigers Dziubczynksi, Jake Central Arizona College LHP L/L 6'00" 180
1161 Philadelphia Phillies Walker, Keenyn Central Arizona College RF S/R 6'02" 187
1178 Chicago White Sox Schlick, Levi Barton County Community College LHP L/L 6'06" 230
1179 Milwaukee Brewers Allison, Kenneth Angelina College CF R/R 6'03" 185
1181 Tampa Rays Markel, Parker Yavapai College RHP R/R 6'04" 220
1187 Florida Marlins Bates, Sam* Crowder College 1B L/R 6'04" 215
1191 Philadelphia Phillies Cummings, Justin Santa Fe College OF S/R 6'02" 175
1215 Minnesota Twins Woodruff, Vance Grayson County College RHP L/R 6'02" 190
1232 New York Mets Christian, Taylor Weatherford College RHP R/R 6'04" 190
1233 Houston Astros Lane, Bryce* Gulf Coast Community College RF R/R 6'00" 190
1244 Atlanta Braves Jordan, Spencer Florence-Darlington Tech RHP R/R 6'02" 195
1267 Cincinnati Reds Hopkins, Mitchell Louisiana St U at Eunice LHP L/L 6'03" 190
1280 Colorado Rockies Pereira, Thomas Indian Hills Community College RHP R/R 6'03" 190
1284 Los Angeles Angels Mistric, Chance# Louisiana St U at Eunice RHP R/R 6'04" 245
1289 Kansas City Royals Wilson, Dillon Western Oklahoma State LHP L/L 6'07" 210
1292 New York Mets Tabb, Donnie East Central Community College SS R/R 5'10" 185
1299 Milwaukee Brewers Okert, Steven Grayson County College LHP L/L 6'02" 210
1300 Chicago Cubs Winkler, Danny Parkland College RHP R/R 6'01" 190
1301 Tampa Rays Hornback, Ryan San Jacinto College North OF R/R 6'00" 180
1305 Minnesota Twins Christensen, Derek Salt Lake Community College RHP R/R 6'01" 180
1314 Los Angeles Angels Barber, George Broward Community College CF R/R 6'00" 180
1317 Pittsburgh Pirates McGinnis, Cory Shelton State Community College RHP L/R 6'01" 190
1330 Chicago Cubs Rogers, Jacob St Petersburg Junior College 1B L/R 6'06" 195
1344 Los Angeles Angels Turner, Michael Chesapeake College LF R/R 6'02" 205
1350 Cleveland Indians DeJiulio, Frank Daytona Beach State College RHP R/R 6'03" 185
1364 Atlanta Braves Lucas, Joe Dakota County Tech College SS R/R 6'05" 190
1372 Los Angeles Dodgers Gallagher, Logan Louisburg College SS R/R 6'01" 200
1387 Cincinnati Reds Quinn, Patrick St Petersburg College RHP R/R 6'04" 200
1390 Chicago Cubs Eickhoff, Jerad Olney Central College RHP R/R 6'04" 200
1391 Tampa Rays Jensen, George Des Moines Area Community College RHP R/R 6'04" 215
1392 Seattle Mariners Rollins, David San Jacinto College North LHP L/L 6'01" 195
1394 Atlanta Braves Logan, Kendall Copiah-Lincoln Community College OF R/R 6'02" 205
1399 St. Louis Cardinals Mooney, Peter (GG) Palm Beach State College SS L/R 5'08" 170
1411 Arizona Diamondbacks Upperman, Casey Yavapai College RHP R/R 6'01" 183
1424 Atlanta Braves Lafreniere, Francois St. Petersburg College RHP R/R 6'04" 200
1425 Minnesota Twins Reynolds, Collin* McLennan Community College RHP R/R 6'04" 230
1427 Florida Marlins Huber, Travis College Southern Idaho RHP R/R 6'03" 226
1431 Philadelphia Phillies Stewart, Ethan New Mexico Junior College LHP L/L 6'05" 210
1432 Los Angeles Dodgers Martin, Cody Chipola Junior College 1B L/R 6'02" 220
1434 Los Angeles Angels Hatcher, Kenny Chandler Gilbert Community College 3B R/R 6'01" 205
1436 Washington Nationals Miller, Brandon Northwest Florida State College C R/R 6'02" 215
1441 Arizona Diamondbacks Sigman, Kenneth South Mountain Community College RHP S/R 6'01" 200
1451 Tampa Rays Barnes, Ronald Howard College RHP R/R 6'01" 180
1454 Atlanta Braves Mahler, James Salt Lake Community College RHP R/R 6'07" 230
1459 St. Louis Cardinals Acosta-Carrillo, Hector* Coffeyville Community College C R/R 6'01" 215
1461 Philadelphia Phillies Ottoson, Kyle South Mountain Community College LHP L/L 6'03" 150
1466 Washington Nationals Hatcher, Dimetrius Patrick Henry Community College CF R/R 6'02" 190
1470 Cleveland Indians Bradley, Marcus Central Arizona College OF L/L 5'09" 160
1477 Cincinnati Reds Muhammad, El'Hajj County College of Morris RHP R/R 6'02" 200
1484 Atlanta Braves Turner, Ryan McLennan Community College RHP R/R 6'04" 175
1485 Minnesota Twins Davis, Clarence Georgia Perimeter College SS R/R 5'11" 160
1501 Arizona Diamondbacks Ford, Trey South Mountain Community College 3B R/R 6'02" 200
1511 Tampa Rays Maltz, Cory Weatherford College RHP R/R 6'03" 205
1512 Seattle Mariners Holman, David Hutchinson Community College RHP R/R 6'04" 170
1520 Colorado Rockies Dykstra, James Yavapai College RHP R/R 6'04" 200


Six more CSN Coyotes join Harper in MLB draft 


Bryce Harper made history on Monday when he was named the No. 1 overall pick in the Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft.

Now, it's his teammates' turn to own a part of history in this year's draft.

Six College of Southern Nevada baseball players - all of them pitchers - joined Harper on Tuesday as draftees in the 2010 MLB draft.  And, for the first time ever, CSN had four draft picks in the Top 10 rounds.

Right-hander Donn Roach - a Bishop Gorman High product - went in the supplemental third round of the draft.  He went to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim as the 115th overall pick.  Roach finished 12-3 for CSN this season with a 2.67 ERA, and captured the school strikeout record by fanning 142 batters in 111 1/3 innings, shattering the old record of 109 by Jake Vose in 2002.  Opponents hit just .206 off of him this year.

Righty Kenny McDowall was next to go in the draft, selected in the eighth round (No. 242 overall) by the New York Mets.  McDowall, a Spring Valley High product, was 6-1 with a 4.44 ERA for the Coyotes this season, striking out 59 in 48 2/3 innings.  He finished the 2010 season strong, striking out 20 batters in his final two starts in the postseason.

Air Force Academy transfer Aaron Kurcz - a former Durango High standout - was drafted in the 10th round (No. 310 overall) by the Chicago Cubs.  The 6-foot right-hander broke the single-season saves record with 10 this year, to go along with a 3-4 record and a 4.17 ERA.  Kurcz struck out 55 in 36 2/3 innings while walking just 17 batters.

Following closely behind Kurcz was left-hander Chasen Shreve, who was taken in the 11th round by the Atlanta Braves as the 344th selection of the draft.  Shreve missed seven weeks of the regular season after developing tendinitis after his first start during opening weekend in late January, but bounced back to lead the Coyotes to their third Region XVIII Championship with an 8-2 win over Western Nevada on May 15.  The southpaw finished the season 4-2 with a 5.57 ERA.

Chasen's older brother, Colby, was a sixth-round pick by the Philadelphia Phillies in the 2008 MLB draft while playing for CSN.

Tyler Hanks joins Bryce Harper in the Washington Nationals' organization, as the Nats selected him in the 17th round as the 506th overall pick.  Hanks' fastball touched 97 mph during the 2010 season, and was consistently in the mid-90s.  His arm earned him a 3-2 record on the year with one save, a stellar 1.76 ERA, and an opponents' batting average of only .200.  Hanks struck out 46 batters in as many innings while allowing 14 walks and just nine earned runs.

Wrapping up the second day of the draft, Bryce's older brother Bryan Harper was the second selection to go to the Cubs' organization.  The left-hander was selected in the 27th round - the 820th overall pick.  Bryan was outstanding on the mound for the Coyotes in 2010.  He finished with an 11-1 record and a 2.62 ERA.  Bryan struck out 96 batters in 65 1/3 innings, while boasting a staff-best opponents' batting average of .196.  Most recently, Bryan tossed a one-hit gem in the JUCO World Series, surrendering only a solo home run to Faulkner State (Ala.) in an 18-1 victory.

The third and final day of the MLB draft takes place on Wednesday, and there are several more Coyotes on the bubble that could be drafted in Rounds 31 through 50.

A Great Afternoon for Lucas LeBlanc and Delgado Community College Baseball...LeBlanc drafted by Red Sox, named NJCAA First Team All-American

Delgado centerfielder Lucas LeBlanc was selected by the Boston Red Sox as the 353rd overall pick in the 11th round of the 2010 Major League Baseball Draft.

In addition, LeBlanc was announced as a first team All-American by the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA). LeBlanc is one of only three outfielders on the first team, which consists of thirteen Division I players from across the country. While Delgado has had its share of All-American selections through the years, LeBlanc is the college's first student-athlete to receive NJCAA first-team honors.

LeBlanc was Delgado's starting centerfielder in each of the Dolphins' 57 games of the 2010 campaign. He batted .420 with 89 hits, including 17 doubles, 7 triples, and 11 homeruns, which resulted in 67 RBIs and a .722 slugging percentage. Defensively, LeBlanc was responsible for 118 putouts and an amazing .984 fielding percentage.

This past May, LeBlanc was named to the All-Conference/All-Region team of the NJCAA Region XXIII Miss-Lou Conference. Last summer, LeBlanc was selected as the Most Valuable Player of the All-American Amateur Baseball Association Tournament in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

During his two seasons at Delgado Community College, Lucas started in each of the Dolphins' 108 games and contributed a total of 153 hits over both seasons.

LeBlanc has also signed a National Letter of Intent with Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

AWC's Zazueta, Strieby drafted in MLB Amateur Draft
Orioles, Cubs select Matador prospects on second day of 3-day event

Yuma, Arizona - June 8, 2010 -- Arizona Western College is proud to announce that Matadors' shortstop/pitcher Vinny Zazueta (sah-SWEH-tuh) and 1st baseman Karsten Strieby (KAR-stenn STREE-bee) were drafted this afternoon in the second day of the 2010 Major League Baseball Amateur Draft.  Zazueta was the third pick of the 25th round this afternoon by the Baltimore Orioles, and the 748th pick overall.  Meanwhile, Strieby was drafted by the Chicago Cubs with the 910th pick of the draft in Round 30.

Vinny Zazueta-a native of Surprise, Arizona-was drafted by the O's as a middle infielder, but his versatility this season was one of the reasons that major league scouts came calling.  Zazueta has been the unquestioned spiritual leader of the Matadors' infield ever since he first stepped onto the AWC campus in August of 2008.  As a freshman, he played in all but 2 of the Matadors' 52 games, and was the team's starting shortstop all season long.  Zazueta batted over .300 nearly the entire 2009 campaign, and his finishing average of .296 was bested by only two other players.  Zazueta led the team in hits (48) and at-bats (162), while contributing 7 doubles and 12 runs batted in.  However, 'Zaz' gave a foreshadowing of what was to come toward the end of his freshman campaign with his speed (team-leading 9 stolen bases) and pitching (2-1 mark and a 2.76 earned run average and 2 saves in 13 innings of relief).  By the time he first took the field this spring as a sophomore, scouts saw a stronger and faster Zazueta, and his on-field maturity had progressed well.  Zazueta became one of the ACCAC's most potent stolen-base threats, stealing 26 bases in just 27 attempts (3rd-best in the ACCAC).  Zazueta hit .270 in 48 games, with a home run and 16 RBI, and he was 3rd on the team in both hits (48) and runs scored (27).  He also became one of the league's top closers on the hill, posting team-leading marks in saves (7, T-5th ACCAC) and earned run average (1.23) in a dozen relief appearances.  He finished his sophomore campaign with a perfect 3-0 record, striking out 17 while walking only 4 in 14 2/3 innings of work.  Zazueta will now have a decision on his hands about whether to turn pro or stay in college, since he already signed an official letter of intent back in February to attend New Mexico State University this fall and play baseball for the Aggies next spring.

Meanwhile, the Cubs' selection of Karsten Strieby continues to validate the tremendous promise that he's showed since his arrival to Yuma this past fall.  The towering 6-foot-6, 225-pound native of Brier, Washington, quickly won the starting first base job coming out of 'fall ball', and came out of the gates blazing to start the 2010 season.  Strieby racked up nine hits in his first 4 games (two of those games against Southern Nevada, the nation's top-ranked team), and never let his batting average slip lower than .310 during his entire freshman campaign.  He also showed his maturation in a couple of ways during the Matadors' season-ending 8-game winning streak, playing strong defense at first base during Tim Keller's no-hitter against Cochise (including stretching to catch the throw from 3rd baseman Tyler Huffer that created the game-ending double play); and uncorking a home run in each of the last two Matador doubleheader sweeps of the 2010 season against Eastern Arizona and nationally ranked Central Arizona.  For the season, Strieby finished his freshman campaign among the team leaders in most offensive categories with a .316 batting average (3rd-best on the team), 3 homers (tied for 1st), 55 hits (2nd), 10 doubles (3rd), a .448 slugging percentage (4th), 26 runs scored (4th) and 16 runs batted in (tied for 6th). 

Zazueta and Strieby are the Matadors' first MLB draftees since 2007.  The three-day MLB Draft concludes tomorrow morning with the remaining 20 rounds.

MLB Draft Features Several Chipola Players        

With the success that Chipola Baseball has achieved in the past decade, it is not unusual for several current and former Indians to hear their names called during the yearly MLB Draft.  In the second day of the 2010 MLB Draft, five current Chipola players and two former players were drafted by major league teams.

Current Chipola player LaVon Washington was drafted by the Cleveland Indians in the second round with the 55th overall selection.  The 5'11 centerfielder was drafted in the first-round by the Tampa Bay Rays a year ago, but opted to attend Chipola College.  Playing in 41 games, Washington batted .327 with 8 homeruns and 25 RBIs.

Pitching teammate, C.J. Riefenhauser, a native of Mahopac, NY, was selected in the twentieth round by the Tampa Bay Rays.  Riefenhauser's 6'0 frame took the mound for Chipola in eighteen games with an ERA of 4.93.   

Other Indians, Austin Wright, Rodney Quintero, and Joey Rapp were also selected as night fell on the second day of the draft.  The Boston Red Sox organization tabbed Wright, a seven game winning for Chipola with an ERA of 3.90, in the twenty-third round.

Quintero, a right-handed pitcher who had an ERA of 4.46 in 17 appearances, was taken in the twenty-fifth round by Houston. Rapp, who hit 10 long balls on the season with 28 RBIs, was selected by the Washington Nationals as the first pick of round twenty-eight.

Former Indians David Buchanan and Adam Duvall also heard their names called on the second day of the draft.  Buchanan, a 6'3 right-handed pitching junior at Georgia State University, was drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies in the seventh round.  Last year, Buchanan was drafted in the sixth round by the New York Mets.  Duvall was selected in the eleventh round by the San Francisco Giants after being named to the 2010 Preseason All-Big East First Team in his senior season at Louisville.

JCJC's Lofton drafted in ninth round by Giants

By Shawn Wansley, JCJC Sports Information Director

ELLISVILLE - One of the better athletes to play at Jones County Junior College will be playing professional baseball soon.

The San Francisco Giants selected Raleigh High School product Chris Lofton in the ninth round of the Major League Baseball draft on Tuesday afternoon.

"I just talked with Chris and he is very excited," said JCJC head coach Christian Ostrander. "He is going to sign and he expects to be in Arizona for their 'short season' by the end of the week."

The Giants' spring training facility is located in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Lofton, a 6-foot-1, 175-pound outfielder, was a standout baseball and football player at JCJC. He signed with Alabama-Birmingham as a cornerback after the 2009 season.

He was a second-team, All-MACJC performer on the baseball diamond as a freshman in 2009.

This past season, Lofton his .331 with one home run and 26 RBIs for the South Division champion Bobcats. He was also 15-of-18 in stolen bases. 

Lofton helped the Bobcats to a 36-16 record as a freshman and a 38-12 mark and a MACJC South Division title as a sophomore.

Ostrander had a feeling Lofton would be headed to the Giants' organization early Tuesday.

"I talked with one of their scouts this morning and they were asking several things about Chris," he said. "They were asking about his character and that type of thing. I told them he was a hard worker, a 'yes sir, no sir' kind of kid and he would compete very hard for them."

Ostrander said the Giants are quite excited about Lofton's potential, especially considering he will be playing just baseball from this point forward.

"Chris has never had an opportunity to concentrate on just baseball," he said. "He played three sports at Raleigh and he played two here at Jones. He would play football in the fall and then turn around and play baseball for us in the spring.

"The Giants are very excited about what Chris can do once he concentrates solely on baseball."

Skipjacks' Turner drafted by Angels

By RICHARD MIDCAP Special to The Star Democrat

Wednesday was a great day for both Mike Turner and the Chesapeake College baseball program.

One of the Skipjacks' top players the last two years, Turner was drafted by the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Wednesday in the 44th round of the Major League Baseball Draft. Turner, a shortstop for the Skipjacks, was selected as an outfielder by the Angels.

"He'll probably play right field because he has a very strong arm," said Jerry Wargo, the Angels' scout for Maryland, Virginia and Delaware, after Los Angeles selected Turner with the 1,344th pick of the draft.

"It's exciting. I'm a little bit anxious," Turner said Wednesday afternoon. "I knew there were some other teams interested, but I figured this was the team I was going to go to."

Turner became the first player selected directly from Chesapeake in the MLB draft. Wargo, who saw Turner play "two or three games" this season, recommended Turner to his supervisor, Dan Radcliff, which led to a private workout for Turner at Chesapeake in front of Wargo and Radcliff in late May.

"He had a great workout," said Wargo, adding Turner has a lot to offer. "He has a great work ethic. He hits to all fields with power. He's a very good runner and has good baseball instincts. He's a player who needs a chance to go out there and see what he can do."

Chesapeake head baseball coach Frank Szymanski said he was "just so happy for Mike and his family. This has got to be one of the greatest days of his life."

Turner, who played on St. Michaels High's 2008 Class 1A state championship squad, led the Skipjacks to a state runner-up finish in 2009 and a tie for third place this spring. Chesapeake was third in Region XX in 2009 and finished as this season's Region XX runner-up, the team's highest regional finish since winning a region title in 2005.

Turner hit .313 with a team-high nine home runs this spring while finishing second on the squad in RBI (37) and slugging percentage (.569).

Wargo said the Angels planned to call him Wednesday to set up a meeting so they can quickly conclude a contract.

"My supervisor (Radcliff) will be flying in from California," Wargo said. "The Angels have two rookie leagues one in Arizona and one in Utah. They will determine which one he will go to.

"We'd like to get him out there (to the rookie league) as fast as possible," Wargo added. "They have a week, week-and-a-half to work everyone out and get ready to start the games."

Turner said he is excited about moving to the outfield.

"I get to run around and throw some guys out. It should be fun," he said.

Turner said what he will most remember about Chesapeake is the opportunity to play for Szymanski.

"I like his enthusiasm and his passion to win," Turner said. "It wore off on me. It (his two years at Chesapeake) gave me this opportunity."

It's an opportunity that all three Turner, Wargo and Szymanski say he needs to grab with gusto.

"The average major league player is considered young at 25. This gives me five years to get there," Turner said.

"He's got an opportunity that's the main thing, because anything can happen," Szymanski said. "We hope that he's prepared from playing in our system and under Coach (Brian) Femi at St. Michaels and Coach (Donnie) Gowe. Coach Gowe has been his coach for most of his life, first in Little League and then under Coach Femi at St. Michaels and then here at Chesapeake."

"It's an opportunity," Wargo echoed. "The rest is up to him."

Schlick selected in 39th round by White Sox

Levi Schlick became the latest in a line of Barton Community College baseball players selected in Major League Baseball's First-Year Player Draft. Schlick, a freshman for the Cougars last season, was picked on day three of the 3-day draft, going in the 39th round to the Chicago White Sox. Schlick will continue pitching for the Hays Lark this summer before a decision will be made on his future.

Schlick was outstanding this past year for the Cougars as the freshman from Colby posted a 2.11 ERA on his way to a 5-4 record in 11 starts. Schlick completed three games and struck out 77 batters in 64 innings of work. The 6-7 lefty walked 32 and limited opponents to a microscopic .194 batting average. He allowed just 10 extra base hits - 9 doubles and a homer.

"Levi has what we call a tremendous upside," Barton Coach Mike Warren said. "Being 6-7 and lefthanded is a big advantage for a pitcher. I think major league scouts saw the same thing I did when I recruited him and can see him pitching in the big leagues, barring injury, in the future."

If Schlick doesn't go into the White Sox organization, he will pitch for Kansas State University next season after just one season at Barton.

"Levi was the first freshman I've had in a while that was good enough to be able to transfer and make an impact at a Division I school right away," Warren said. "He signed at K-State after receiving offers from Texas A&M and Nebraska as well."

Schlick will throw with the Larks thru July before a decision will be made on what is future is. At that time the White Sox may make him an offer which he will have to make a decision on. 

"The White Sox won't try to sign Levi right away and they will watch his improvement this summer while pitching for the Hays Larks. If he continues to improve they may try to sign him sometime at the end of July," Warren said. "Levi has the best of both worlds, if they (White Sox) make him an offer and it's not what he wants, he can go to K-State for two years and he'll probably go higher in the draft at that time after his junior year, which is the next time he'll be eligible for the draft. He could have come back here and been draft eligible next year, but he is an outstanding student and will have no trouble at the four year level."

After a successful high school season, Schlick was named a 2nd team All Jayhawk West pitcher this season, just missing out on 1st team honors. By year's end, he was one of the top pitchers in the Jayhawk Conference. During a 3-game stretch late in the season he went 3-0 with a combined 8 hits and 2 runs - 1 earned. He spent much of the season with an ERA under 2.00, evening challenging Steve Sawyer for the lowest ERA by a starter at 1.24 back in 1980. Only his last 2 starts moved it up over the 2.00 mark.

"Levi was throwing 78-79 mph last year in the state high school tourney but he worked hard in our program and was throwing 87-89 and topping out at 91 this spring," Coach Warren said. "His work ethic is off the charts and he'll be successful no matter what he decides to do.

Notes: He could join former Steve Edlefsen in minor league baseball if he chooses to go that route. Edlefsen is currently pitching in the San Francisco Giants organization at AAA Fresno. So far this season Edlefsen has appeared in 21 games out of the Grizzlies bullpen, posting a 1.23 ERA. He has posted 4 saves - 3 in his last 3 outings. Edlefsen also has 4 holds this season. He has struck out 29 and walked just 12 in 36 innings of work. Opponents are hitting just .222 against him this year. 

He is the only former Cougar currently active in the minors for the Cougars. Jeff Christy is playing in Wichita for the Wingnuts of the Independent League. Christy has spent the past few seasons catching in the Minnesota Twins organization spending much of his time at the AAA and AA level the past two seasons. Christy is hitting .344 in 19 games this season at Wichita. He has 1 homer and 12 RBI.

Jason Stanford, who threw for Barton in the late ‘90's and was the 2nd Cougar ever to reach the big leagues when he pitched for the Indians in 2003, is rehabbing a shoulder injury with hopes of one more shot at the big leagues. Chad Lee retired from the Oakland A's organization this past week after fighting injuries since he was drafted in the 4th round in 2006 after his sophomore year at Barton - the same year Christy was drafted in the 6th round out of the University of Nebraska.

Nine San Jac baseball players selected in MLB First-Year Player Draft

HOUSTON - Nine players from the San Jacinto College baseball team were selected this week in the 2010 Major League Baseball (MLB) First-Year Player Draft.

The first San Jac player selected was pitcher Sean Nolin, who was taken in the sixth round by the Toronto Blue Jays as the 186th overall pick. Nolin was the outstanding pitcher of the 2010 Alpine Bank National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) JUCO World Series, and is a 2010 NJCAA All-American. The right-hander from Seaford, N.Y. (Seaford HS) went 13-0 on the year with a 2.02 ERA.

With the 298th pick in the 10th round, the Baltimore Orioles selected pitcher Clay Schrader. The sophomore from Humble (Atascocita HS) racked up 11 saves with a 2.73 ERA and 44 strikeouts in 26 2/3 innings for San Jac. Schrader was also named to the Region XIV South all-Conference team.

Sophomore outfielder Riley Hornback (Sweeny / Sweeny HS) went in the 12th round (358th pick), also to the Orioles. Hornback was selected to the Region XIV South All-Conference team, and was named to the All-tournament team at the JUCO World Series. Hornback hit .358 on the year, including 5 homeruns.

Chris McKenzie, a right-handed pitcher from Framingham, Mass. (Marian HS), was the 386th pick by the Washington Nationals in the 13th round. McKenzie was 7-1 during the regular season with a 2.27 ERA.

Highly touted pitcher Miguel Peña (La Joya / La Joya HS) was drafted by the San Diego Padres in the 13th round. The first-team All-American was 13-3 on the year with an ERA under 2.00. He was named to the All-Region XIV team, as well as the JUCO World Series All-tournament team.

Relief pitcher Mark Herrera (Victoria / Cuero HS) was the 476th overall pick in the 16th round. Herrera was 2-2 with 2 saves during the regular season, and posted an ERA of 1.03.

Grapevine's Randall Thorpe (Colleyville HS) was the 548th pick by the Chicago White Sox in the 18th round. The outfielder hit .297 in 158 at bats during the regular season, including a team-high 13 doubles.

Ryan Hornback (Sweeny / Sweeny HS) was selected in the 43rd round (1,301st pick) by the Tampa Bay Rays. The freshman catcher was a Rawlings Gold Glove award winner, and named to the All-tournament team at the JUCO World Series. During the regular season he was third on the squad in hitting with a .341 average, with a team-best 13 doubles.

Pitcher David Rollins (Carthage / First Baptist Academy) was the final San Jac player selected in the first-year player draft. Rollins was taken in the 46th round as the 1,392nd pick by the Seattle Mariners. The lefty saw limited action this season, after going 8-3 with a 4.61 ERA in 2009 as a freshman.

Overall, a record 174 NJCAA players were selected in this year's draft, breaking the previous record of 161 (2007). Last year, 155 NJCAA players were selected. Of the 174 NJCAA players drafted, 22 were Division I All-Americans, and two 2010 NJCAA Rawlings Gold Glove winners were selected, including San Jac's Ryan Hornback. For a complete list of NJCAA players selected in this year's MLB draft, please visit www.njcaa.org. For more information about San Jac baseball, please visit www.sanjacsports.com.


Gainesville, FL - Current and future Santa Fe Saints baseball players were well represented in the 2010 Major League Baseball First Year Player's Draft, as six student athletes were picked by MLB teams over the 50 round draft on June 7-9.

Sophomore starting pitcher Ken Wise and redshirt outfielder Justin Cummings were the two current Saints drafted along with four 2010-11 signees.

Wise was selected in the 19th round (pick 568) by the Baltimore Orioles. He started 12 games for SF in 2010, finishing with a 5-2 record, 4.20 ERA and 60 strikeouts in 60 innings pitched.

Cummings, who was not on the active roster for the 2010 season, was selected by the Philadelphia Phillies in the 39th round (pick 1191).

Colin Richardson, a right handed pitcher from Winter Haven High School was the first SF signee drafted, going in the 14th round (pick 430) to the Chicago Cubs. Richardson finished his senior season with impressive stats, going 11-2 with 136 strikeouts, 11 walks and only surrendered six earned runs all season.

Another right handed pitcher, Alec Asher, was drafted in the 23rd round (pick 708) by the San Francisco Giants. Asher, a 6'4" power pitcher, completed his senior year at Lakeland High School with a 0.95 ERA in 58.1 innings pitched with 71 strikeouts.

Outfielder Kelvin Mention, from Brooks De Bartolo Collegiate High School in Tampa, was selected by the Minnesota Twins in the 36th round (pick 1095). Mention hit .407 with four homeruns and 14 RBI in 59 at bats his senior year and was 29-of-33 stealing bases.

The final SF signee drafted was 6'3" left handed pitcher Christopher Lee from Robinson High School in Tampa. The Chicago White Sox selected Lee in the 37th round (pick 1118). He had a 4.03 ERA with 48 strikeouts in 33 innings pitched his senior year.

The deadline for drafted players to sign a contract with the team that they were selected by is August 15.


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