Member College Support or Benefit Provided to a Student-Athlete in the Off-Season


Student-Athlete R has been selected to compete in an all-star / showcase event which will be held in the summer.  Because this is a prestigious event, is it possible for the member college to provide financial assistance to the student-athlete and if so what is permissible?


It is not permissible for a member college or any of it’s representatives to provide any form of benefit or support for Student-Athlete R to attend the all-star / showcase event in the off-season.  Article V, Section 6.G.3 states, “No college funds may be used for any current or prospective student-athlete during the off-season”. The student-athlete is fully responsible for all expenses for such an event.  It is not permissible for the college to provide any support which includes allowing the student-athlete to ride with a college representative in the representatives private vehicle.  Additional information regarding this type of situation can be found on page 309 of  the 2013/2014 NJCAA Handbook in case #33.

The same limitations apply regardless if the student-athlete is participating in a showcase, tournament and or league. Due to the fact that it is the off-season, no support may be provided to the student-athlete or recruit by the college or any of its representatives.

The only all-star / showcase events which takes place in the off-season where a member college is able to assist with expenses are all-star / showcase events sponsored by NJCAA Coaches Associations and endorsed by the NJCAA National Office.

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