Appreciation Award

The Appreciation Award is handed out strictly at the discretion of the current NJCAA Executive Director to recognize superior contributions to the Association. This award can be bestowed to an individual, group or member college. 


Appreciation Award Recipients 

   Year Name Position College/Affiliation
2016-17 Bryce Roderick NJCAA President KJCCC
2015-16 Bobl Zelinski NJCAA Eligibility Chair Central Florida 
2014-15 Norma Dycus NJCAA Vice President Sinclair (Ohio)
2013-14 Joe Tubb NJCAA President South Plains (Texas)
2010-11 Art Becker NJCAA President Scottsdale (Ariz.)
2009-10 Dr. Sean Fanelli NJCAA Presidential Rep Nassau (N.Y.)
  Thomas LaPuma NJCAA Vice President Herkimer (N.Y.)
2008-09 Carol Eustis NJCAA Vice President CCBC Essex (Md.)
2006-07 JoAnn Rust NJCAA Vice President Pima (Ariz.)
2005-06 Dr. Karen Sykes NJCAA President Dean (Mass.)