Championship Bid Process

September 16 – All bids to host NJCAA Championships and Football Bowl Game Proposals must be received by the NJCAA National Office.

October 1 – The NJCAA National Office will meet to narrow down perspective bids and notify potential sites to arrange site visits.

October 1-February 15 – A member(s) of the NJCAA Championship Events Committee, NJCAA Sport Committee Chair, NJCAA National Office or designated person to represent the NJCAA will conduct a site survey of the top bids as needed at the expense of the championship bidder by February 15th.

Two Weeks – A written report, including site survey review, photos and recommendations are due back to the NJCAA National Office no later than two weeks following site visit. This report shall be shared with the NJCAA Championship Events Committee, NJCAA National Office and NJCAA Sport Committee Chair.

March 1 – The NJCAA National Office, in conjunction with the NJCAA Championship Events Committee, will hold a conference call no later than March 1st to review and approve championships receiving only one bid and to further discuss all multiple sport bids prior to the NJCAA Annual Meeting in April.

April – The Championship Events Committee, in conjunction with the NJCAA Director of Championships, will meet at the NJCAA Annual Meeting to review the recommendations of the NJCAA National Office and make their final selections for all NJCAA Championships and bowl games they have received. Final approval of all championship events and bowl game proposals will be made by the NJCAA Board of Regents.

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