MLB Draft Recap

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – The NJCAA was represented strongly in the 2017 MLB draft, as more than 100 players were selected straight from the NJCAA this past week. In the first round, southpaw pitcher out of State College of Florida, Brendon Little was selected 27th by the defending MLB champions Chicago Cubs, while Central Florida pitcher Nate Pearson was tallied right behind Little at 28 by the Toronto Blue Jays.

This year’s Division I champions Chipola (FL) garnered 10 selections straight from its 2017 roster. Outfielder Reynaldo Rivera was the first off the board in the second round with the 57th overall selection to the Detroit Tigers. McLennan (TX) and State College of Florida displayed impressive showing of their depth, as five players were chosen from each squad.

Note: This is a list of players directly drafted from NJCAA Member Colleges

NJCAA Players Picked in 2017 MLB Draft
Round Pick Name POS NJCAA College MLB Team
1 27 Brendon Little LHP State College of Florida
Chicago Cubs
1 28 Nate Pearson RHP Central Florida Toronto Blue Jays
2 57 Reynaldo Rivera OF Chipola (FL) Detroit Tigers
2 CB B 73 Evan Steele LHP Chipola (FL) Kansas City Royals
3 90 Daniel Tillo LHP Iowa Western Kansas City Royals
3 91 Tyler Ivey RHP Grayson (TX) Houston Astros
4 110 Troy Bacon RHP Santa Fe (FL) Atlanta Braves
4 116 Pearson McMahan RHP St. Johns River State (FL) Colorado Rockies
4 125 Gio Arriera RHP Palm Beach (FL) Detroit Tigers
5 136 Andrew Bechtold 3B Chipola (FL) Minnesota Twins
7 196 Ryley Widell LHP Central Arizona Minnesota Twins
7 202 Jose Caballero SS Chipola (FL) Arizona Diamondbacks
7 203 Nick Maton SS Lincoln Land (IL) Philadelphia Phillies
7 204 Bowden Francis RHP Chipola (FL) Milwaukee Brewers
7 205 Dennis Brady RHP Mercery County (NJ) Los Angeles Angels
7 213 Max Roberts LHP Wabash Valley (IL) Seattle Mariners
7 223 Jackson Tetreault RHP State College of Florida
Washington Nationals
7 224 Joel Urena LHP Monroe College (NY) Texas Rangers
8 254 Tyreque Reed 1B Itawamba (MS) Texas Rangers
11 317 Jared Solomon RHP Lackawanna (PA) Cincinnati Reds
11 318 Chandler Newman RHP Chattahoochee Valley (AL) San Diego Padres
11 328 Alex Manasa RHP Jackson (MI) Pittsburgh Pirates
12 358 Hunter Wolfe SS Walters State (TN) Pittsburgh Pirates
12 361 Jonathan Lacroix RF Seminole State (OK) Houston Astros
12 366 Aaron Bond CF San Jacinton-North (TX) San Francisco Giants
12 373 Jackson Stoeckinger LHP Central Florida Washington Nationals
13 377 Ricky Karcher RHP Walters State (TN) Cincinnati Reds
13 382 Riley Cabral RHP Chipola (FL) Arizona Diamondbacks
13 386 Shameko Smith RHP Polk State (FL) Colorado Rockies
13 402 Angel Lopez Alvarez C Northampton (PA) Cleveland Indians
13 403 Eric Senior OF Midland (TX) Washington Nationals
13 404 Seth Nordlin RHP GateWay (AZ) Texas Rangers
14 407 Brody Worford RF Chipola (FL) Cincinnati Reds
14 408 Vijay Miller RHP East Mississippi San Diego Padres
14 412 Keshawn Lynch 2B State College of Florida
Arizona Diamondbacks
14 416 Nic Motley C McLennan (TX) Colorado Rockies
14 433 Anthony Peroni C Mercery County (NJ) Washington Nationals
15 453 Tommy Romero RHP Eastern Florida Seattle Mariners
15 461 Marcus Ragan CF East Mississippi Boston Red Sox
16 475 Spencer Griffin CF Wharton County (TX) Los Angeles Angels
16 478 Hunter Stratton RHP Walters State (TN) Pittsburgh Pirates
17 497 Junior Harding RHP Chipola (FL) Cincinnati Reds
17 502 Trent Autry RHP Florence Darlington (SC) Arizona Diamondbacks
17 505 Caleb Scires CF Navarro (TX) Los Angeles Angels
17 509 Dylan Cyphert LHP Gulf Coast (FL) Miami Marlins
17 522 Pedro Alfonseca CF Black Hawk (IL) Cleveland Indians
17 523 Jared Johnson LHP Palm Beach (FL) Washington Nationals
17 525 Peyton Remy RHP Central Arizona Chicago Cubs
18 528 Cam Sanders RHP Northwest Florida San Diego Padres
18 529 Michael Smith CF San Jacinton-North (TX) Tampa Bay Rays
19 570 Korry Howell SS Kirkwood (IA) Kansas City Royals
19 575 Ryan Karstetter 3B State College of Florida
Detroit Tigers
19 584 Nick Snyder RHP Indian River (FL) Texas Rangers
20 587 Blake Wiggins 3B Southern Nevada Cincinnati Reds
20 588 Duke Ellis CF Panola (TX) San Diego Padres
20 590 Justin Smith OF St. Johns River State (FL) Atlanta Braves
20 593 Brady Schanuel RHP Parkland (IL) Philadelphia Phillies
20 598 Will Reed RHP Harford (MD) Pittsburgh Pirates
20 606 Keaton Winn RHP Iowa Western San Francisco Giants
21 617 Christian Lindsay-Young RHP Niagara County (NY) Cincinnati Reds
22 648 Jake Lyons RHP Weathford (TX) San Diego Padres
22 649 Alex Valverde RHP Miami Dade-South (FL) Tampa Bay Rays
22 654 Brandon Presley LHP Florida Southwestern Milwaukee Brewers
22 669 Gunner Halter SS Seminole State (OK) Toronto Blue Jays
23 690 Matt Morales SS Palm Beach (FL) Kansas City Royals
23 697 Jose Sierra LHP Monroe College (NY) New York Mets
23 701 Donny Diaz RHP San Jacinton-North (TX) Boston Red Sox
23 703 Jamori Blash 1B Cochise (AZ) Washington Nationals
24 707 Anderson DeLeon RHP Iowa Central Cincinnati Reds
24 709 Jordyn Muffley C Parkland (IL) Tampa Bay Rays
24 735 Braxton Light RHP Wallace State-Hanceville (AL) Chicago Cubs
25 739 Andrew Miller C Southwest Tennessee Tampa Bay Rays
25 743 Jesus Azuaje SS Glendale (AZ) Philadelphia Phillies
25 764 Aaron Ashby LHP Crowder (MO) Texas Rangers
26 766 Jordan Spicer RHP Polk State (FL) Minnesota Twins
26 787 Gavin Garay SS St. Petersburg (FL) New York Mets
27 799 Blake Pflughaupt LHP Galveston (TX) Tampa Bay Rays
27 821 Xavier LeGrant 2B Spartanburg Methodist (SC) Boston Red Sox
28 835 Bernabe Carmargo SS Galveston (TX) Los Angeles Angels
29 863 Bailey Cummings RHP San Jacinton-North (TX) Philadelphia Phillies
30 893 Matt Kroon 3B Central Arizona Philadelphia Phillies
30 898 Manny Bejarano C Broward (FL) Pittsburgh Pirates
30 909 Reilly Johnson C State College of Florida
Toronto Blue Jays
30 910 Chris Roller CF McLennan (TX) Los Angeles Dodgers
30 911 Andrew Carber RHP Chipola (FL) Boston Red Sox
32 953 Sati Santa Cruz RHP Central Arizona Philadelphia Phillies
32 966 Blake Rivera RHP Wallace State-Hanceville (AL) San Francisco Giants
33 989 Kyle Farjad LHP Palm Beach (FL) Miami Marlins
33 1004 Troy Newell LHP Jefferson (MO) Texas Rangers
34 1021 Pinto Noel LHP Connors State (OK) Houston Astros
34 1034 Edmond Americaan CF Chipola (FL) Texas Rangers
35 1057 Kyle Wilson RHP Crowder (MO) New York Mets
35 1058 Keegan Collett RHP Northern Oklahoma Baltimore Orioles
36 1073 Joe Breaux OF McLennan (TX) Philadelphia Phillies
36 1081 Josh Breaux C McLennan (TX) Houston Astros
36 1087 Robby Kidwell C Brunswick (NC) New York Mets
36 1090 Riley Richert  RHP Howard (TX) Los Angeles Dodgers
37 1115 Shane Cooper SS Hutchinson (KS) Detroit Tigers
37 1118 Cole Haring OF McLennan (TX) Baltimore Orioles
38 1133 Landon Gray C Weathford (TX) Philadelphia Phillies
38 1140 Montae Bradshaw CF Patrick Henry (VA) Kansas City Royals
38 1142 Brent Burgess  RHP Spartanburg Methodist (SC) New York Yankees
38 1152 Scott Kobos LHP St. Johns River State (FL) Cleveland Indians
39 1181 Ridge Chapman RHP Spartanburg Methodist (SC) Boston Red Sox
40 1206 Liam Jenkins RHP Wabash Valley (IL) San Francisco Giants
40 1208 Niko Leontarakis RHP Tallahassee (FL) Baltimore Orioles

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