NJCAA Insider - December 2017

Paul Hanbury - NJCAA Chief Financial Officer

A recent hire of the NJCAA national office, Paul Hanbury is a native of Ashland, Kentucky. He attended Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee, as well as the University of Southern Mississippi. After working in the finance industry at National City Bank in Boca Raton, Florida, he earned his MBA at William and Carey University in 2011.  

Before his start with the NJCAA, Hanbury was the assistant director of degree completion programs at Pfeiffer University in North Carolina.

An avid golfer, Hanbury won a new car last November at a local tournament when he hit a hole-in-one.

What have been your first impressions working at the NJCAA national office?

I love the camaraderie between the staff and member schools. We are always there to help whether it be hurricane relief or just a shoulder to lean on in hard times. As for the national office, I could not ask for a better group of colleagues. We all get along and help each other any way we can.

Why did you want to work for the NJCAA?

I've always wanted to get into athletics. During my time at Southern Mississippi, I interned in the athletic department. The athletic director at the time recommended that I attend graduate school and obtain my MBA to get into athletics as a career. I thought that sounded strange, but I took his word for it and pursued my MBA. After years in the financial industry, it paid off when I was named Chief Financial Officer of the NJCAA. I thank Richard Giannini for the valuable advice and guidance he gave me as well as Dr. Parker for giving me the tremendous opportunity to work for the NJCAA.

Why do you recommend the NJCAA to potential student-athletes?

A two-year college is not just a stepping stone toward a four-year institution, rather a stepping stone toward a better life. Our colleges help students grow as an athlete and more importantly as a person. Many successful athletes never attended a four-year university, and it shows that you can reach your goals at an NJCAA member college just as one could at a four-year college. Hard work and dedication are instilled in our student-athletes, which will prepare them for success throughout their lives.   

What are some of the most critical initiatives that are coming up for the organization?   

As CFO, I have implemented several new financial policies, including distributing monthly reports to the board of directors, national office staff and member colleges. I have and will continue to examine previous year's financials to find areas where we can save resources and use them more productively.

Your favorite leadership quote?   

"A good leader is a person who takes a little more than his share of the blame and little less than his share of the credit." - John Maxwell

Can you tell us a something unique about yourself in general?   

I think one thing that makes me special is my loyalty. If you show me that you are honest, sincere and care for the well-being of others, you will earn my loyalty which will never waver.

NJCAA CEO Dr. Chris Parker on Paul Hanbury: 
“Paul brings a wealth of financial knowledge to our team.  He also worked in college athletics at Southern Mississippi and knows how to take a complete look at everything involved in our operations and we are excited to have him on our team.”


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