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Sitting on the Central Atlantic Coast, Region 10 covers South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia. Nick Schroeder (women’s director) and Lind Hartsell (men’s director) oversee the region, while Jane Brewer (assistant women’s director) and Tim Wallace (assistant men’s director) allocate their expertise, assisting in managing the region.

A closer look at Lind Hartsell – Region 10 Men’s Director

For the past 11 years, Lind Hartsell has served a leadership role for Region 10 in some capacity. Since 2010 Hartsell has served as the men’s director and before that served as the women’s director from 2006-10. Along with his region director duties, Hartsell serves as commissioner of the region.

Overall, Hartsell has given his services to student-athletes and the NJCAA for the past 22 years. From 1995 until 2005 he was Lenior’s (NC) baseball coach and moved on to be the Lancers’ athletic director from 2005 to 2010.

Lind enjoys spending time with his family and being outside, whether it be fishing, skiing, hunting or golfing.

A closer look at Scott Barlow – Region 12 Women’s Director

Nick Schroeder recently started his fifth year as director of athletics for the Red Hawks of Catawba Valley (NC). Over the past four years, Schroeder has seen his programs win seven conference championships, seven region championships, three district championships, three national tournament appearances and eight All-Americans. A staunch advocate for the student-athlete, Schroeder has seen GPA, retention, and graduation numbers steadily improve each year. During his tenure as athletic director, the Red Hawks have advanced over 100 student-athletes to the next level.

Schroeder took the women's director post for Region 10 in August of 2017. He also serves as the region's sports information director and manages the Region 10 website ( http://region10sports.com).

Before coming to Catawba Valley, Schroeder worked as the director of compliance for the NCAA DI program, Longwood University, in Farmville, VA.

Why do you recommend the NJCAA to student-athletes?

Lind: NJCAA institutions provide student-athletes many academic, athletic, and social opportunities to help them reach their full potential. There are not many "finished products" coming out of high schools today. NJCAA institutions can help student-athletes achieve their goals and provide them a shot of becoming a much better, well-rounded person.

Nick: This is an excellent opportunity to find out who you are and what you want with a chance to improve your life.

What do you enjoy the most about being a Region Director?

Lind: I have been in Region 10 as a student-athlete, coach, athletic director, and region director, so I can bring in many perspectives when working with our institutions. NJCAA athletics is one of the purest forms of athletics in our nation and helping our region colleges hold on to that athletic purity makes me feel honored and privileged. Region/District Championships, where everyone knows only one team will advance, is a very exciting time each sport season.

Nick: Opportunities to see what all the other schools are doing to help student-athletes achieve success.

What do you enjoy the most about the NJCAA?

Lind: As previously mentioned, I have had many roles under the umbrella of the NJCAA. Seeing student-athletes that come into our institutions without much confidence and seeing them grow into successful people on the court/field and in the classroom gives everyone involved a great sense of satisfaction. Also, being a part of paving the way for a bright NJCAA future is exciting as well.

Nick: It is a tool that an athlete can use to improve their situation, no matter what it is.

Tell us something special about your region.

Lind: Region 10 is currently tied with Region 12 for having the most colleges in an NJCAA region (33). Also, we have many sports with all three divisions.

Nick: I love the diversity in sports from level (DI-III), state (3 states) and membership.

What is your favorite sport and why?

Lind: Baseball. I was an NJCAA baseball player and coach. Baseball builds more character than most other sports because of the failure rate (failing 7 out of 10 times will make you a successful player). Also, it's not the number of reps you put in but the number of quality reps (the game is the truth serum for this). Other sports have their advantages, but baseball is America's pastime.

Nick: Softball, I married a softball player and coached travel.

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