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Will You Be a Leader for Life?

The NJCAA is proud to offer its memeber colleges leadership based training for coaches, staff and student athletes through the Leaders for Life Program (LLP). The purpose of LLP is to provide member colleges with the resources to develop leadership skills and promote sportsmanship. LLP is based upon the concept that two-year college athletics at its best can provide training and development for coaches and athletes to reach their potential as leaders, academicians, good citizens, and great athletes. 

The Leaders for Life Program offers athletic departments seven separate modules of activities designed for administrators with an emphashis upon delivery to coaches and student-athletes. 

Module 1
     What it is and what it is not.  Defining ethical terms and understanding your ethical philosophy.

Module 2
     Steps to Ethical Decision Making

Module 3
     Deceptions to Ethical Decision Making

Module 4
      Using Athletics to Develop Character in Athletes.

Module 5
     How Athletics Teaches Lessons for Life.

Module 6
    Developing a Leaders for Life Program.  Leading with Respect, Integrity and Responsibility.

Module 7
     Leaders for Life Certification Program. Offers suggestions regarding concrete methods of codifying your success in LLP.

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LLP Teaches Leadership Skills to Promote Sportsmanship

  • Respect for self, the game and others
  • Teach athletes to be leader for life
  • Accept the responsibility to develop each athlete's
    potential intellectually, physically, socially and spiritually
  • Develop and sustain program integrity
  • Certify administrators, coaches and athletes using LLP 



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